With Love from Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy known for its beautiful scenery, traditions, legendary artwork and gastronomic pleasures that made its red wines, extra virgin olive oil and Italian cookies, pastries and desserts famous around the world. Tuscany is a dream come true.

Explore the rolling vineyards or walk around the walled city to visit the many bakeries in the region is a must for anyone visiting Tuscany. The reason? To taste some of the local delicacies which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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Our mission at Tuscany Cookies, is to bring that tradition, taste and artistry of Tuscan pastries to every American home. Now you can savor these unique lines of cookies anytime and experience the unforgettable taste of a truly delicious Tuscan dessert!

We’re fearlessly passionate about what we do... we’re original, commited, genuine and proud. Find out more about what inspires our family of bakers and creators!

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