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All real heart-warming, generous and delicious treats, made with Tuscany's 'know how' using only premium natural flavors in all our products, no hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners or additives!

We believe that if we make a really good cookie, customers will keep coming back. So every day, we do the best we can to make something that people really love.

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At Tuscany Cookies there is no compromise when it comes to flavors, that's why we have spread the love across vanilla, chocolate, caramel and much more, understanding there's no substitute for traditional American classics. We like to bake our cookies to make sure they have a perfect crumble for every bite.

Tuscany cookies` mission is to bring that tradition, taste and artistry of Tuscany to every American home. Now you can experience these unique lines of cookies locally! 

More About Our Quality Standards
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